The Brazilian Cultural Festival

The Festival features driving rhythms, beautiful melodies and captivating performances of traditional Brazilian dances and the Afro-Brazilian martial art form called Capoeira. Performances at the Brazilian Cultural Festival offer Victorians a glimpse into the rich cultural world of Brazil showcasing the talent of both local and international stars.

The event is a chance to get up close to the music, and get down to the beats of Brazil. When the irresistible rhythms reverberate through the air, it’s truly impossible not to dance.

Capoeira is always a mainstay of the Festival with a demonstration and Student graduation ceremony in that is open to the public to attend and watch. Catch a glimpse of real Capoeira performed by some of the best athletes in the world. This is not a show, but a chance to glimpse real Capoeira unchoreographed and up close!

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